Lisa’s interest in belly dance began many years ago in Los Angeles and grew to an obsession after she moved to the Bay Area. She devoured the teachings that the Bay Area had to offer, immersing herself in the study of zill artistry, American Tribal Style, and Dark Fusion, and supplementing her training with other dance styles such as ballet. As a performer, Lisa combines her varied background in movement studies with a rare emotional elegance in storytelling to create compelling artistic performances on the stage.

In addition to her solo work, Lisa is a founding member of Standfire Collective, a troupe whose mission is to create a new and exciting improvisational dialogue with a killer zill edge. With Standfire Collective, Lisa displays her sassier side in their fun, high-energy performances.

Lisa has found belly dance to be the perfect medium to elevate the art of being a woman with her pure dedication to the performance arts. Visit and get up to date information on when Lisa will be bringing her artistry to a stage near you.